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Factory Tour

  Factory Tour   *Profile Total area of: 35000 Square Metre (376735 Square Foot) Built in 1996     *Staff Details Production Staff: 500 to 549 QC Staff: 20 to 29 R&D Staff: 20 to 29       *Site Advantages/Description We are strategically located next to the Shanghai and Ningbo seaports, as well as Hangzhou Airport.                                Inspection machine        

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Quality Control

  Quality Control       * QC/Technical Support       Our highly-qualified and professional QA/QC team helps ensure quality and safety. Our operations are well-organized and efficiently managed. Using well-equipped testing laboratories, we evaluate each product individually.       * QC Staff       20 to 29   *Procedures/testing Details Our QA/QC runs independently from other departments

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                                                                                                                                       Our slogan      Management   Our slogan is "To make it better." This is the basis for our continuous effort to improve ourselves, our products and our services. The different cultural backgrounds of our partners give us the knowledge to be successful. We con

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Services and Support

  Services and Support       * Sample Availability & Policy       Samples are available, and can be made according to your requirements.       * Guarantees/Warranties/Terms and Conditions       We offer a two-year warranty for any quality problems.       * After Sales Service       We maintain a "3R" mantra of Replacement, Repair and Recovery. We work to continuously improve the qualit

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      * OEM Capability       Our designs have been patented in the US and Europe. We have the R&D experience to provide you with totally new models upon request, more than simply adding a label or changing a color. Our senior R&D engineers collaborate with design studios in the US and France to develop our own exclusive product solutions. To ensure your next electric tool meets your exact requir

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Code of Conduct

  Code of Conduct   * Employment and the Workplace * Concern for the Environment * Ethical Business Practices * Monitoring and Compliance   Employment and the Workplace       * Forced Labour       We do not use any prisoner, slave, indentured, or forced labor in the manufacture of any of our products.       * Hours of Labour       We maintain reasonable employee work hours based on

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