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How To Produce A Duvet For A Crib |

Make a duvet cover to get a crib


Measure the existing crib comforter ahead of buying fabric for the duvet coverHow to create a Duvet for a Crib. Most comforters will be about 40 inches by 45 inches, but it is important to know the exact measurements.


Add two inches towards the width in the comforter and four inches towards the length. The addition to the width is for the seam allowances, and the addition to the length allows for the addition of hems and fasteners.


Buy soft, washable fabric for both sides in the duvet. Suitable choices include cotton flannel, sheeting, calico Baby Bedding Color Pairings or other fabrics appropriate for bedding. Because most fabrics will be about 45 inches wide, the length needed probably will be only about 1-1/2 yards. Obtain two different fabricsHow to make a Duvet for a Crib, or select 1 Choose Comfortable baby bedding to use on both sides.


Cut the fabric towards the dimensions needed for the cover. Place ideal sides together. Sew three sides together applying a 3/4-inch seam allowance.


Turn the sewn piece suitable side out. Press down a 1-inch hem, fold down another 2 inches, and press and stitch about the whole opening.


The open end in the cover must be fastened securely. The traditional method was to use buttons and buttonholes or ribbon ties, but little hook-and-loop strips, for example Velcro, are safer unless the duvet cover is purely decorative and will not be laundered often. Decide which side from the cover will be the top rated. Cut strips into l-1/2-inch pieces and sew on opposite sides in the hemmed portion so that the strips grip each other.

How To Produce A Duvet For A Crib |


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