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1.随身携带一个设计笔记本。 买一个小的笔记本并且随身携带它。 当你看见非常棒的设计时,就把它随手记下来。看到非常差的设计时也照样做吧, 不久,你看图形看设计的眼光将变得敏锐起来。

2.做一块启发板。 当你着手做一个项目时,把你的布告牌变成一个启发板。 每当你看见吸引你注意力的东西—— 一张照片,一块布料,一种字体,一句话一个词 ——把它钉住到这块板上。 你将发现在图像和想法之间的某种联系,而这个联系将激活和拓展你的工作。

3.参加"第3 次工业革命"。 现在大众买东西的时候都会非常看重设计。 "我所谓的第3次工业革命",意大利设计者Gaetano Pesce 说,"就是给人们一个展示个性的机会"。 试着来设计你自己的鞋子——适合你的颜色、图案、图像——在耐克(。

4.把它放在你的桌子上。Design Continuum的Dan Buchner建议你找一个对你来说特别的东东并且把它放在你的桌子。 然后问: 它是怎么连通你的情感的? 它为什么能打动你? 他说:"发展选择与我们的情感有关的设计的能力,将帮助我们生活在让自己满意并且连通我们情感的东西周围。"

5.阅读设计杂志。 这是显而易见的,但是如果所有的商务人士都是设计师,那么他们都应该开始读最顶级的设计杂志。 比如: 《HOW》、《I.D》、《 Metropolis》和《 Dwell》等。


1. Keep a design notebook. Buy a small notebook and carry it with you. When you see great design, make a note of it. (Example: My $6.95 HotSpot silicone trivet -- a thin, flexible square that doubles as a pot holder, triples as a jar opener, and looks sweet.) Do the same for bad design. Soon, you'll be looking at graphics, interiors, and more with greater acuity.

2. Create an inspiration board. When you're working on a project, turn your bulletin board into an inspiration board. Each time you see something you find compelling -- a photo, a piece of fabric, a type font, a word -- tack it on to the board. You'll start seeing connections between the images and ideas that will enliven and expand your work.

3. Participate in the "third industrial revolution." Mass customization is combining buying with designing. "What I call the third industrial revolution," says Italian designer Gaetano Pesce, "will give people the opportunity to have a unique piece." Try designing your own shoe -- with the color, pattern, and image that's right for you -- at Nike (

4. Put it on a table. Design Continuum's Dan Buchner suggests you find an object that's special to you and put it on a table. Then ask: How does it connect to your senses? Why does it tickle your emotions? "Developing the ability to select designs that connect with our emotions," he says, "should help us populate our lives with meaningful, satisfying objects."

5. Read design magazines. It sounds obvious, but if all businesspeople are designers, then all businesspeople should start reading the top design magazines. Some of the best: How, I.D., Metropolis, and Dwell.



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