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Huangguoshu Waterfalls

In western Guizhou Province, Huangguoshu is a national scenic spot wellknown for its waterfalls.

The waterfalls are scattered along the Dabang, Baishui, Kanling and Wanger River. The uneven rise of the earth's karst crust makes these tributaries roar down along numerous gradients. The nine biggest ones result in unique water scenery characterized by falls, currents and underground rivers.

Huangguoshu Falls on Baishui River is 74 meters high and 81meters wide. It is the largest in the country and one of the most magnificent in the world. Its thunder is audible several kilometers away. Behind the falls is a 134-meter-deep waterfall roar down from the top of the cave, an awe-inspiring scene.

In addition, there is Doupotang Falls with a 105-meter-wide top; Luositan Falls with a span of up to 350 meters; Dishuitan Falls with the highest drop of 410 meters; and, Yinlianzhuitan Falls with the most beautiful scenery. Huangguoshu is famous for its 18 falls 9f nine gradients. Of world-famous waterfalls, Huangguoshu Falls is rare for its density and form.

Recently, the tianxingqiao Scenic Zone was developed six kilometers down from Huangguoshu Falls. It highlights the natural beauty of rivers, stalagmites, trees and caves. The crowded stalagmites, lush vegetation and wonderful scenes along the river make the zone very attractive to tourists. "There are falls if there are rivers and there are fantastic scenes if there are stalagmites." These are lines for describing the magnificent scenery at Huangguoshu.


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