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Burberry cashmere Novacheck scarf

 The earrings arrived in less than one week, but the packaging was a slightly different color and texture than the normal Tiffany blue box. When we brought the earrings to the Tiffany store in Manhattan, a sales associate compared our pair with a new pair in the store and pointed out that real ones are significantly smaller than the pair we received.replica handbag  
The seller readily offered a refund and apologized for any inconvenience, and we sent the earrings back right away. But a week after the package was sent, we didn't get a refund or hear from the seller instead, we got a message from an eBay staff member saying that the listing was taken down. Still, the seller refunded the full purchase price, so the whole transaction cost us $26 (the price of sending the item back to the U.K.).
We weren't sure about the authenticity of the Burberry cashmere Novacheck scarf, which retails for $160 and we bought for $32, so we asked Michael Fink, the senior fashion director at Saks Fifth Avenue, to examine it. Mr. Fink noticed right away that the scarf didn't feel like the high-quality cashmere that is standard in Burberry scarves, and that the block-letter logo didn't match the real logo either. "The tag looks really bad it doesn't have the finesse of the (real) logo lettering," he said. The seller promptly offered to refund the money and sent a check a few weeks after we returned the scarf.
The red Chloe Paddington replica Chloe handbags   looked the most authentic when we first opened it, we couldn't find any flaws. When we took it to a Chloe boutique, the sales associates said they weren't permitted to authenticate bags, but let us compare our bag with the store's merchandise. The only difference we could find after close examination was the leather used to wrap the brass lock on the Christian Louboutin Shoes, which was noticeably thinner and smoother on ours than the rugged pebbled leather on the store's bag. Saks's Mr. Fink said he was impressed by the quality of both the designer handbags   and of the tags. "The leather seems fine, the tags look very official," he said. Though for the price, he said, it's unlikely to be authentic Chloe, he couldn't be sure.

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