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What day of the week is it? I asked Harris. Wednesday, I think. Yes, quite. Wednesday. Wonderful how one loses track of the days up here in the mountains. Yes. Weve been here nearly a week. I hope youre not thinking of leaving? Yes. Well go in on the afternoon bus, Im afraid. What a rotten business. I had hoped wed all have another go at the Irati together. We have to go _into_ Pamplona. Were meeting people there. What rotten luck for me. Weve had a jolly time here at Burguete. Come on in to Pamplona. We can play some bridge there, and theres going to be a damned fine fiesta. Id like to. Awfully nice of you to ask me. Id best stop on here, though. Ive not much more time to fish. You want those big ones in the Irati. I say, I do, you know. Theyre enormous trout there. Id like to try them once more. Do. Stop over another day. Be a good chap. We really have to get into town, I said. What a pity. After breakfast Bill and I were sitting warming in the sun on a bench out in front of the inn and talking it over. I saw a girl coming up the road from the centre of the town. She stopped in front of us and took a telegram out of the leather wallet that hung against her skirt. Por ustedes? I looked at it. The address was: Barnes, Burguete. Yes. Its for us. She brought out a book for me to sign, and I gave her a couple of coppers. The telegram was in Spanish: Vengo Jueves Cohn. I handed it to Bill. What does the word Cohn mean? he asked. What a lousy telegram! I said. He could send ten words for the same price. ˉI come Thursday. That gives you a lot of dope, doesnt it? It gives you all the dope thats of interest to Cohn. Were going in, anyway, I said. Theres no use trying to move Brett and Mike out here and back before the fiesta. Should we answer it? We might as well, said Bill. Theres no need for us to be snooty. We walked up to the post-office and asked for a telegraph blank. What will we say? Bill asked. ˉArriving to-night. Thats enough. We paid for the message and walked back to the inn. Harris was there and the three of us walked up to Roncesvalles. We went through the monastery. Its remarkable place, Harris said, when we came out. But you know Im not much on those sort of places. Me either, Bill said. Its a remarkable place, though, Harris said. I wouldnt not have seen it. Id been intending coming up each day. It isnt the same as fishing, though, is it? Bill asked. He liked Harris. I say not. We were standing in front of the old chapel of the monastery. Isnt that a pub across the way? Harris asked. Or do my eyes deceive me? It has the look of a pub, Bill said. It looks to me like a pub, I said. I say, said Harris, lets utilize it. He had taken up utilizing from Bill. We had a bottle of wine apiece. Harris would not let us pay. He talked Spanish quite well, and the innkeeper would not take our money. I say. You dont know what its meant to me to have you chaps up here. Weve had a grand time, Harris. Harris was a little tight. I say. Really you dont know how much it means. Ive not had much fun since the war. Well fish together again, some time. Dont you forget it, Harris. We must. We _have_ had such a jolly good time. How about another bottle around? Jolly good idea, said Harris. This is mine, said Bill. Or we dont drink it. I wish youd let me pay for it. It _does_ give me pleasure, you know. This is going to give me pleasure, Bill said. The innkeeper brought in the fourth bottle. We had kept the same glasses. Harris lifted his glass. I say. You know this does utilize well. Bill slapped him on the back. Good old Harris. I say. You know my name isnt really Harris. Its Wilson Harris. All one name. With a hyphen, you know. Good old Wilson-Harris, Bill said. We call you Harris because were so fond of you. I say, Barnes. You dont know what this all means to me. Come on and utilize another glass, I said. Barnes. Really, Barnes, you cant know. Thats all. Drink up, Harris. We walked back down the road from Roncesvalles with Harris between us. We had lunch at the inn and Harris went with us to the bus. He gave us his card, with his address in London and his club and his business address, and as we got on the bus he handed us each an envelope. I opened mine and there were a dozen flies in it. Harris had tied them himself. He tied all his own flies. 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He was climbing down from the bus. Theyre not first-rate flies at all. I only thought if you fished them some time it might remind you of what a good time we had. The bus started. Harris stood in front of the post-office. He waved. As we started along the road he turned and walked back toward the inn. Say, wasnt that Harris nice? Bill said. I think he really did have a good time. Harris? You bet he did. I wish hed come into Pamplona. He wanted to fish. Yes. You couldnt tell how English would mix with each other, anyway. I suppose not. We got into Pamplona late in the afternoon and the bus stopped in front of the Hotel Montoya. Out in the plaza they were stringing electric-light wires to light the plaza for the fiesta. A few kids came up when the bus stopped, and a customs officer for the town made all the people getting down from the bus open their bundles on the sidewalk. We went into the hotel and on the stairs I met Montoya. He shook hands with us, smiling in his embarrassed way. Your friends are here, he said. Mr. Campbell? Yes. Mr. Cohn and Mr. Campbell and Lady Ashley. He smiled as though there were something I would hear about.



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